Tulsa is my Graceland

A lot of people think I’m a bit crazy for ditching the family in LA and flying all the way to Tulsa on my own to see Hanson in concert.  But I have to say, if I’d known how amazing it was going to be, I probably would have flown from New Zealand for it!!  A quick catch up for those that need it:  Hanson are my all-time favourite band.  I’ve been a huge fan since 1997 – more than half my life! Every year in May, Fansons (Hanson Fans) celebrate “Hanson day” and this year the band made it extra special by organising a special concert for fan club members only in their home town, Tulsa.  So here’s how it went for me…

Family reunion at LAX airport

Family reunion at LAX airport

We flew from London Heathrow on Friday morning, about 11 hours, and met Lance, Trista and Keenan at LAX.  Then I left the others in LA and flew on to Salt Lake City (the view of the mountains at Salt Lake City was literally breathtaking!) and then on to Tulsa!  Saturday morning at the motel I was so blessed to meet two girls from Toronto, Canada who were also going to the concert and became my BFF’s for the weekend.  We shared a cab to Cain’s Ballroom, downtown Tulsa and joined the queue of VERY excited people.

Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa

Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa

Then, an amazing thing happened…  While we were waiting in the queue for the concert, one of the staff members asked for international fans who had come from outside of the USA.  We were asked to spare a few minutes to talk to a reporter who had come from the UK.  We were checked in early and sent to the front by the doors to wait, but the reporter didn’t have time to talk to us, the doors opened and we were allowed into the venue first!  I followed my Canadian friends and we ended up FRONT ROW CENTER (slightly to Ike’s side, perfect)!!!  This just totally made the whole trip perfect for me.  The venue was all seating, and the stage area was very close, it all felt very intimate and friendly, it was amazing!  And all three guys were just a couple of meters away!

Me, next to Ike's guitar.

Me, next to Ike's guitar, just in front of where I was sitting.

Anyway, the concert itself was incredible!!  Hanson played a lot of their special fan club songs as well as a few random ones from over the years.  Then afterwards they answered questions from fans and then we had group photos and got to meet and chat with them.  The guys were SO friendly and nice and really thanked everyone for coming.  It was amazing, a real dream come true!

Beautiful Tulsa Skyline

Beautiful Tulsa Skyline

The afternoon was spent enjoying a few of the sights of Tulsa, which I am officially in love with.  We visited the 3CG offices (3 Car Garage, Hanson’s record label), Glacier Chocolates (home of Hanson chocolates), Dwelling Spaces (home of Tulsa is my Graceland merch), The Center of the Universe (gotta see it to believe it), El Guapo’s for dinner (ridiculously good) and the location of the Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ video.  Then Sunday we went shopping in Tulsa, had IHOP (International House of Pancakes) for lunch, and then it was back to the airport for my flights to Memphis and then LA.

All in all it was just incredible and I’m so happy and glad I made the trip.  If you still think I’m crazy, that’s fine!  But please check out some of Hanson’s latest music for yourself and see what you think.

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One Response to Tulsa is my Graceland

  1. Andrew says:

    In Nashville there is a lighter
    In a case for all to see
    It speaks of dreams
    And heartaches, left unsung.

    And in the corner stands a guitar
    And lonesome words scrawled in a drunken hand.
    I’m traveling paths, travelled hard before
    And I’m beginning to understand…

    Atlanta’s a distant memory
    Montgomery a recent blur
    And Tulsa burns on the desert floor
    Like a signal fire…

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