Our Road Trip Blog

A friend suggested I start a blog to document our upcoming road trip holiday, which I thought was a brilliant idea.  Whether or not I’ll still think it’s such a good idea half way through the holiday when I have to continue to update it, is yet to be seen, but nontheless I thought it was worth a try.

So here we go…

The Munro’s are planning a holiday.  In true Munro style, it will be a road trip.  But not just any road trip…  A 4000 mile epic journey from the West coast of the USA to the East coast, travelling partly along the “Mother Road”, Route 66, among many other highways and byways.  We’ll start in Los Angeles on 13th May and finish in New York on 13th June, in the meantime travelling through Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, St Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago and Detroit.  Actually we’ll stay in 17 different cities/towns and pass through 13 states.  Along the way we’ll no-doubt experience a huge range of American “culture”, but we’re planning on focusing on “car culture” and will be stopping at several car museums as well as the Indianapolis 500 and a NASCAR race, not to mention the many hours of quality time spent in our rental car (which will be revealed in a later blog post!).

So that’s the plan, and here’s the plan:

Our intended route through the USA

Our intended route through the USA

So if you’re interested in road trip blogs, or you just happen to be related to us and want to make sure we’re still alive, check back to this blog after 13th May to see how we’re getting on!

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4 Responses to Our Road Trip Blog

  1. Andrew Ping says:

    Let us know when you are heading from St. Louis to Indianapolis, Thadd and I are sorta kinda on the way… Just a brief detour off of I70 Effiingham where it merges with I57 take 57 north to Charleston, we’d love to see you guys!

  2. Mike L says:

    Hey Tracey, use Windows Live Writer to update the blog – way easier than logging in to do stuff. You can do it offline as you go, then just connect and upload, and it (usually) looks how you want it… I probably should have told you this BEFORE you left so you could have worked it out first (if you haven’t used it already I guess).

    Anyways have an awesome trip 😀 and don’t you dare forget to keep updating this while you’re having fun (well, you can skip the Tulsa parts) as we’re traveling vicariously through you 😛

    M & S

  3. Graeme Hetet says:

    Awesome trip guy’s – I’m jealous!! – na, not really…lol

  4. Thank You So Much!!!
    I loved looking at all your pics and reading about your trip (I’m super jealous) . It was really nice to meet you, thanks for stopping into the Berwyn Rt. 66 Museum.


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